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Top Shelf Guitar Shop carries a wide variety of guitar pickups and other parts and accessories. We offer FREE installation with the purchase of any Seymour Duncan pick up!

New Fender Jazz Bass pickup set • $184.99
Seymour Duncan JB Jr for Strat • $104
Seymour Duncan Woody HC,
hum canceling stock, acoustic sound hole pickup • $99
Seymour Duncan '59 Model bridge Humbucker • $99
Seymour Duncan '59 Model neck Humbucker • $99
Seymour Duncan JB Model Humbucker • $99
Seymour Duncan Distortion Humbucker • $99
New Fender Original P Bass pickup set • $89.99
Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro for Tele • $84
Seymour Duncan Vintage for Broadcaster • $79
Seymour Duncan Vintage for Tele • $79
Bass Line SJB-1b, bridge bass pickup • $79
Bass Line SJB-1n, neck bass pickup • $79
New Fender Texas Special Tele bridge pickup • $45
1980s Ibanez PRO ROCK'R Intonation /
Pressure Pad Nut Block (Repro Part) • $10 each

Please ask us about our other used pickups!

Ernie Ball Deluxe amp casters • $32
Ernie Ball amp casters • $28

We carry these lines:
Fender Parts & Accessories
All Parts
CBI Cables
DR Strings
Ernie Ball
Martin Strings
Planet Waves
Hal Leonard music books
Sovtek tubes
Ruby tubes
Seymour Duncan
Snarling Dog Picks
Souldier Guitar Straps
Danelectro pedals
Electro-harmonix pedal



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